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bust in like…

bust in like…

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morning music :)

Oh it’s just me and Eric Roberson. (at Motorco)



Rice Cube

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need this in my life





Look what came in the mail for me today! This finishes the rest of my New Edition #vinyl collection. #NewEditionStan #AwesomeDay

  • me: so Somebody Loves You Baby just came on my Spotify radio
  • (Baeby)
  • And I love this song, because it is like a riddle
  • You like, hmmmm I wonder who loves me
  • Patti says she can't stop thinking about me and wants an instant replay of yesterday
  • but, that don't necessarily means she is that somebody
  • but she is quite sure that she thinks I know who it is
  • but ya know, you can't assume
  • She even goes on to say she worships me and nobody else...but still I can't automatically just know that means love
  • BUT
  • just when I thought she would never just come out and say who
  • she says.... with conviction
  • so my first hypothesis is correct
  • That (Patti) is the somebody who loves me
  • case closed gumshoes.
  • i pictured you presenting this as a mini alise with a science fair board
  • like a bawse

I am playing this playlist for my ACTUAL family reunion right at this moment :)

"rollercoasters are for people who have never been in love, they want to know how if feels, to just fall…"

Fresh haircut, let the barber have a little fun, lol

Was kinda digging my outfit today, boobs been hella cooperative lately, ;-)

Gonna get some Joni Mitchell listening in tonight #vinyl

ahhhhhhh Phyllis. :)

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Omarosa Manigault on Bethenny Frankel show.

I see no lies here.

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