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I have America on my shirt. 


It’s a local band riding in the Mystery Machine.

Scooby Doo?


Led Zeppelin powers? Does that mean I rock?! And that I’m cool?! Yaaay!! /)^3^(\

Yay!!! Kitten powers!!!! I can cute people to death!!!!! Squeee!!!!!!

I seriously need to get more interesting shirts…black, lace trimmed cami. Unless my superpower is distracting the enemy with my cleavage? I’ve got nothing.

mine has an owl on it. so either I’m an athena-like figure, or I can turn my head 180 degrees and see in the dark.

deep v neck purple long sleeved affair. no image. so am ia blank face?

My shirt says the following: “100% Natural chemical free, no additives, no preservatives”  So I have the power to leap a building a single twist out.  

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    I have been gifted with the powers of SWAG~ No one can beat my funky fresh. >w>
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    I have Elsa’s Ice Powers
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    what power do i have? pissing people off? or being extremely annoying, because i am both already… soo….
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    A wool sweater… Sheep Girl?
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    Tennis I’m cool with that
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    Very light-pink QuickSilver. "It’s not pink, it’s lightish-red!"
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    No shirt. Flab powers, activate
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    shannonfox :)
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    what kind of powers woulf i have if im wearing a minecraft shirt? power of placing blocks? breaking trees with my hands?...
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    I have an anhk, a cresent moon and the eye of Horus along with a few other symbols I’m not sure about. So something...
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    David Tennant standing by the TARDIS…. I am The Doctor
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    Apparently I can turn into any monster as long they’re from the monster mash
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    im a grey soulless being since im wearing a grey tank-top
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    i normally wouldn’t reblog this, but rn i have a really cute ghost on my shirt yay im a ghost :D
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    I have the power of Las Vegas. Everybody, go home.
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    Just came into some money
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    I have my ask-tinycas shirt on Does that mean I get to be a tiny person with wings and a halo and like Really tiny...
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