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Was gchatting with a homegirl today, she asked how I was feeling or something to that effect.  I responded that I was just so-so and kinda grumpy. She said she thought I seemed cheerful and better today.  Then I said something that to me was kinda deep, “the keyboard covers a multitude of sins.”  Like I said, it seemed deep to me at the moment, lol.  If nothing else it made me giggle and feel better for a second. 


is just shit I haven’t done yet

and probably won’t

maybe i was born

catalyst resistant

unhappily consistent

self loathingly persistent

and here I  sit

in my alleged prime

just a number

where i can only be divided by myself evenly

your words

your praises

seem to only leave remainders of dashed dreams

and futile hoping

leaving me living all alone

in this crowded space.

depression has a strange sense of humor that way.

except i’m not laughing.

~Naturally Alise